MEDIA FACTORY INC.ᵀᴹ (MFI) is one of India’s most respected Animation, Visual Effects and Film Production Studios.  MFI moved to Los Angeles (Hollywood) in 2010 keeping its backend studios out of (Bollywood). In 2014, MEDIA FACTORY INC. set-up base in the beautiful city of Vancouver, in British Columbia, Canada.

Since our inception in 2003, we have enjoyed tremendous success and have grown by leaps and bounds. Better said, we have grown and learned a lot from every project we’ve worked on. Over the past few years, MFI has worked closely with various production companies and special effects studios in Hollywood, the U.K., Europe, Russia and Canada.

MFI is an integrated solutions provider for Media and Entertainment.  Our focus has been CGI (Computer Graphics),Feature Films, Television, Animation Productions, Commercials and Live-Action Visual Effects.

MEDIA FACTORY INC is building a state-of-the-art Studio on 25 acres in British Columbia. This new studio, still in development, has had promising meetings with the Canadian Government and many interested investors.

On a daily basis, MFI is on the lookout for work for hire,Co-Production synergies as well as producing in-house movies.

MEDIA FACTORY INC just finished its first Canadian/Hollywood live action film, TEMPTATIONS (, shot entirely in Vancouver and Islands of BC. Which will be released in 2018 across several digital medias.

MFI’s next production, AFREEN ( was filmed in Ottawa and Toronto and is currently in post-production.

At MEDIA FACTORY INC., we cover the full gamut of film production from CONCEPT TO GREEN LIGHT TO CREATION. We have excellent Pre, Production and Post Production teams in Vancouver, Mumbai (Bollywood) and Hollywood.

MFI is proud to be one of the largest and most advanced, production and post-production studios in Bollywood. Our studios offer state-of-the-art film editing and audio services, CGI,Animation and Digital Visual Effects Facilities, and our very own preview theater.  All the above with an incredibly talented team of hand-picked Creative Professionals on board.

We specialize in:

–  Visualization & story boarding (pre-production)
–  Character Design & Modeling
–  Background Elements
–  UV unwrapping & texting
–  Character Animation
–  Visual Effects & Compositing
–  Game animatics (building assets)
–  Matt Painting
–  Architectural & Engineering Walk-thru’s

Most recently, Media Factory added a new division to the company, named: Let’s Make a Movie (LMAM) ( Still in development, this production company provides a new generation ‘Facebook-ish’ social network for film enthusiasts to promote and connect talent.

LMAM also provides finance to help ambitious, new filmmakers make their short films a reality. Submissions from filmmakers with solid teams and great ideas for shorts solid will soon be accepted. Sign-up here:

MFI Is an Integrated Solutions Provider For Media And Entertainment